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    Latex generated pdf using PdfLatex to Word - hyphenation and spacing don't convert well...



      I generated a pdf document using PdfLatex (below left) and converted to docx format (below right) and it came out better than any other converter I've tried before but spacing, hyphenation (e.g. pri-mary in first line) and oC symbol does not convert well. The oC is a latex symbol (\celsius in LaTeX). Also the blue colored words are hyperlinked to a glossary and the links are preserved; which I was happlily surprised about. I end up doing some post editing to correct but its time consuming for long docs. Any suggestions to fix the problem(s) are appreciated. Thanks in advance:) VincePi (p.s. this is my first post and not sure what tags are appropriate?; also need to convert so others can use track changes in Word to provide comments)