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    Installed Flash and it said it was successful but it doesn't work?


      I installed the Flash Player and it said it was successful, but when i went to use it the page that says "you need flash to view this content" came up. So, i uninstalled the program and reinstalled it, but the same thing happened. Then I checked the preferences on safari and made sure javascript and plugins were enabled (I tried to enable java too but i couldnt find it on the preference menu). This didnt help and it still gave me the same message. Then, i went to the adobe website and they had a button that checked to see if flash was installed on your computer and when I clicked it, it said i didnt, but it was installed. I have tried pretty much everything and have read all the forums and nothing seems to be working.


      The computer I have is a MacBook pro, version 10.9 and safari is version 7.


      Thank you