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    Mpeg Advance Xtra Full Screen

    ytlevine Level 1
      Hello Y'all!
      I'm new to Director, and also recently purchased the Mpeg Advance Xtra.
      I have the following question:
      I downloaded the "toggle Fullscreen Playback" behavior from Tabuleiro, but that only works if you place it on the video.
      I need a similar behavior (or script) that I can put on a button that makes it fullscreen, and when it is fullscreen, another button will appear to return it to normal.
      Can anyone help?
      Thank You.
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          tdriley Level 1
          You can make a button with this behaviour:

          on mouseUp me

          (the stage).rect = the desktoprectlist[1]
          sprite(yourmpegadvancespritenumberhere).rect = the desktoprectlist[1]


          It's not a good idea to put a button on top of the video while it's playing full screen, but you could just add a behaviour to the mpeg cast member that does the oposite of the above when they user clicks anywhere on the fullscreen video. If they click it while it's not full screen it won't do anything as the video will already be that size.