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    Building SDK CS6 for OSX 10.9 XCode 5

    Allan Hoeltje

      As a fun weekend Photoshop project I thought I'd see what it took to write a Photoshop CS6 filter plugin.  So I downloaded the CS6 SDK and opened up the Dissolve sample.  Right away I see errors about not being to open Apple headers like Dialogs.h.  I found a note from "Correct" saying to comment out all of those includes.  Next I see scores of depreciated warnings for stuff unsupported by Apple for years, such as

      FSResolveAlias.  But the real killer is the fatal error: "failed to find MacTypes/MacTypes.r"


      Has Adobe updated this SDK recently so that it can compile -without altering/fixing the Adobe source files- for the current MacOS?



      (P.S., been developing apps, professionally, for the Mac since 1984.)