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    Camera breaking when collapse transformations is turned on!


      I have a problem I've been strugling with for well over an hour and I can't seem to solve. I am doing a motion graphics project. My background has 3D enabled, as does my text. This is because I have main camera which is following the text that pops up. I also need to add another camera which only effects the text which I've added a shake to. In this particular section of the project the camera zooms a huge amount (34000 pixels). It looked good utill I precomposed the text so that I could add the second camera for the shake, at that point the text became all blurry. To fix this I turned on collapse transformations. The problem is that once I turned on collapse transformations the camera within the precomp stopped working. It's very important that all of these elements work in the end. Basically I need to know, is there a way that I can 1.) Have the main camera zoom on both the background and the text (aka both remain 3D layers) 2.) Have the text and not the background shake as a result of a second camera 3.) Not have the text become blurry and totally illegible. If anyone can figure out a way to have all that happen it would be a massive help to me! Thanks so much!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The behavior is normal, your workflow is flawed. You can have more than one camera in a comp and cut between them. You can shake the text.

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            NickGertler Level 1

            I understand that the behaviour is normal, that doens't solve the issue however. I have tried backing up and redoing the workflow but I can't seem to find a way to have of this occur simultaniously. Alternativly would there be a way to stop the camera with the shake from effecting the background. That way I could leave eveything in the main comp and not have to deal with the other issue.

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              Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              As Rick said, the problem here is your workfow.    It sounds like you're trying to combine the results of two cameras, but you can't - the uppermost active camera in a comp is the only camera that works at any given frame.  If you precompose a camera and collapse transformations, the camera in the precomp is ignored.


              Imagine if you were in the real world, and you had a big set piece of text in the foreground, and a wall as the background.  You want the text to shake and the background to stay put.  How would you do it?  Not by shaking the camera, because the background would shake too. 


              If you want to shake the text and not the background, animate the position of the text layer shaking, not a camera.  If the text already has animation applied that you don't want to break, create a 3D Null layer, parent your text layer to it, and apply the shake position keyframes to the Null.

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                Simply link the cameras with expressions. Nothing stops you from just inheriting the rotations of the main comp camera and add the wiggle or whatever you are using to this info in the sub-comp. You may require a bit of basic 3D trigonometry/ vector math to keep the camera in th sub-comp in a fixed orbit position to control the text size while the main cam zooms out, but that's poretty much the only bigger issue here and depending on the actual setup may not even be necessary. Otherwise simply do as the others said - wiggle the text, not the camera.