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    Creative Cloud and Mavericks OSX

    krisk0626 Level 1

      I recently purchased 2 new iMacs with Mavericks OSX. InDesign is super slow, it takes forever to complete the most simple tasks. Photoshop is slow too. SO PAINFUL!! It takes way too long to create or edit projects. Both computers are custom ... built with Mavericks, so unfortunately downgrading the OS is not an option for me. Is there anything I can do to get things back to normal and running smoothly? Please help!!!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Did you install the 9.2 update?

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            krisk0626 Level 1

            Hello there Peter.


            Thank you for your response. I noticed / installed the 9.2 update shortly after I posted my message. I'm about to start working on projects for the rest of the afternoon, I'll have to see how things go today ...

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              krisk0626 Level 1

              InDesign "appears" to be working better since installing the 9.2 update. However, the update has created a new problem – I can no longer print to my printer. Initially it appeared to be a problem with certain fonts or a linked image. I tried printing a document that I printed just prior to the update and printed it with success. I  then created a new document, retypeset the information using the same typeface and the document printed with success (copy and pasting same text into a new document did not work).  After about an hour or so, I was no longer able to print anything at all!! I cannot print emails, the document I printed just before and right after the 9.2 update. I tried updating the OS from 10.9 to 10.9.1 in hopes it would resolve this new print issue caused by the Adobe CC 9.2 update but I am still unable to print. 


              Note to self ... DO NOT UPGRADE during your busiest time at work! I thought updrading during a 2 week window of holiday downtime would be enough time to sort out most or all the kinks. However, in all my years of graphic design, I've never upgraded computers, operating systems and new software ALL at the same time. Talk about SENSORY OVERLOAD!!! I have 2 weeks left of my busy season and I'm trying to keep a positve outlook, but fast becoming anxiety-ridden with all of these obstacles and three time-sensitive deadlines due in exactly nine business days.


              I am not a computer expert, so I have a great appreciation for the wonderful and informative posts made by those who particpate in Adobe's and also Mac forums.   Has anyone run into printing issues since installing the Adobe CC 9.2 Update?


              Another important detail / hence not an expert ... I am not exactly sure how my printer has been working with my new Mavericks OSX iMac. Xerox has not released a driver update for the Phaser 6180 yet, but somehow it has been working just fine over the past 3 weeks.


              Thank you in advance for anyone's help!


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