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    No Sound on R3D files in AE


      I have some R3D files here from my Red Scarlet and Epic. I used the A Box from wooden camera and a microfone with xlr to record sound direct on footage. In Redcine X and Premiere i got the waveform and the sound, but in After Effects i got only a dead spine. No visible waveform. I can activate sound button on and of, also can change the DB, but nothing happend. I also got no sound with Ram preview or rendering. If i put the footage in a Premiere project and import this Pr Projekt to after effects, than i got the waveform. But that is not the way i want to use my footage. Now i lost al the RAW abilitys from my R3D files and some other specials
      Does somebody know, why i got no sound/waveform?

      I have the latest CC version of AE.