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    Conflict between CS6 and CC on my PC.

    Blade Canyon Level 1

      When we were about to purchase Photoshop, I downloaded and installed the PS-CS6 demo.  Right around the same time, CC was launched, and we subscribed to that instead.  When I open PS, it says CC.  Even if I click on the CS6 icon that's still in my program menu, it opens as CC.


      Some other Adobe products, however, think I have CS6 only.  I tried to install a new action table for CC and got a warning that said I could not proceed because I did not have CC installed.  Instead, I installed the CS6 table version, and the Adobe Extension Manager allowed that.  Once I re-opened PS, however, the new action table was not installed.


      So, it's not possible for me to run CS6 on my machine, and CC runs perfectly, but the Extension Manager thinks I only have CS6 on my machine.


      Thanks.  Photoshop is still the greatest program ever created.

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          PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

          Hello, what version of the extension manager do you have? for CS6, did you try from the start menu if you are on a PC?

          What version of photoshop is it? 14.2? (help>system info...)

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            Blade Canyon Level 1

            Thank you for the reply.  Your questions got me thinking, and I as able to fix it.


            PS CC is 14.2 x64.


            The extension manager (for CS6) is version  I noticed another folder for the CC extension manager, but could not open the manager from inside there.


            I went into PS CC x64, and from inside that I clicked to open the Extension Manager, and the CS6 EM is what opened.  Then I saw the command "Install Extension Manager," so I did that and the CC extension manager installed.  Now the other table and actions I was trying to install have been moved into CC.


            Thanks for your help.