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    converting from trial version to registered to registered version


        All of my video projects have the "trial version" text accross the screen even though I registered my Adobe premier elements 12 software. Asked for help several times with no answers, FRUSTRATING!

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          nealeh Level 5

          Not quite sure how you've asked several times as your ID shows this is your only post. The FAQ is always a good place to look -  How can I remove the watermark from projects created with the trial version of the program?


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            Jiinxs Level 1

            I had maybe the same problem.

            I started downloading the trial, tested it and then bought it.

            Then I wrote in the serial I got from buying it on the trial version, but every time after that I got the question and notice that it was 30924 days untill it expired and sometimes the amount of days that was left of the 30 days trials.


            My solution was to just uninstall and download it again from the link I got in the mail after I bought it.

            Worked for me.

            No more notices or anything.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              I remember a thread not so long ago in which the user was having problems getting rid of the Adobe watermark in the purchased Premiere Elements project.prel files. By any chance did you post this previously under a different Adobe Forum registration for Adobe ID and password? I do not recall the outcome of that thread that I think that I am recalling.


              You say that you have registered your Adobe product. How did you do that?


              a. After the installation and restart of the computer, were you greeted by a Sign In dialog which demanded your Adobe ID and password before you could get into the program? That meets the Adobe requirement for access to the program and also registers the product.


              b. If you get into the opened project and go to Expert workspace, Help Menu, do you find Sign In or Sign Out there?


              Please confirm that you are trying to remove the Adobe watermark from Premiere Elements project files (project.prel) in the purchased Premiere Elements and not exports of the tryout version.


              Please review and then we can decide what next.


              Thank you.