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    Levels Problem

      I've scoured the Adobe Forum and Google for an answer with no luck...

      On the first frame of my movie I'm loading an external swf onto my stage at the root level (which matches the stage dimensions):
      loadMovieNum("movie1.swf", 0);

      I then have another swf with smaller dimensions I want to load above the first swf, but here's the problem:
      If I just use loadMovieNum for the second swf and place it at a higher level, it places it in the upper left corner of the stage, but if I use a holder MC and target the swf into the holder so I can position it on the stage, it disappears behind my first swf, even though the level of my first swf is at the root.

      Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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          What you need to do is have your smaller swf have the same stage size as the main swf. Then place small swf imagery on stage where you want it to appear on main movie. Then load it using loadMovieNum.
          Hope this helps