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    Downloading to Kindle


      I downloaded ADE to computer and Kindle.  I purchased 2 books that went automatically to ADE.  I downloaded a library book that used to go to Amazon and then to my Kindle Fire.  The library book went to ADE, but now I can't get it to go to my Kindle.


      Question 1 - How do I get the library book to download to Amazon instead of ADE.


      Question 2 - If it goes automatically to ADE, how do I get it to download to my Kindle.  I don't want to read it on the computer screen.

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          sjpt Level 4

          I am afraid the answer may well be that you can't.

          It depends on the library. 

          Most UK libraries and many others only support the (relatively) open Adobe DRM mechanism and not Amazon's closed system.


          Amazon sells the Kindle cheap but locks you to in use their books using their DRM mechanism; that is where their profit comes from.

          Apart from that lock in, the Kindle appears excellent value for money.