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    warranty question


      Hi Todd,


      You say


      "We've verified that the Mac OS X v10.9 operating system broke Motion Sketch for After Effects CS6. It's working fine in After Effects CC (12.1)."


      So the operating system is not the reason as obviously in the later version (CC 12.1) there is no problem.


      Can you please let us know what is the warranty time for Adobe software? We purchased our copy on Sep 2012 in the UK.




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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Warranty information is here:



          The new Mac OS operating system broke something that After Effects depended on. We were able to fix what it broke by making a change in the  After Effects 12.1 update.


          If you need to use Motion Sketch, your options for now are to use the version of Mac OS that was current when After Effects CS6 was released or to use a newer version of After Effects.

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            atrampdesign wrote:



            So the operating system is not the reason as obviously in the later version (CC 12.1) there is no problem.


            I don't understand your logic here. The operating system is obviously the reason. CS6 was created long before OSX 10.9 was even in development. When it was released, Adobe created their new software to be compatible with it. New software for a new OS. You don't try to use software on untested operating systems unless you are prepared to suffer the consequences.

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              atrampdesign Level 1

              Hi Todd,


              a couple of things:


              1. for a company that has recently suffered a major breach losing 100,000's of user data records, it is remarkable that you advice users to not upgrade their operating system ...
              2. how can you say with certainty that one of your updates (which I also performed as per Adobe's instructions) did not introduce the bug? Those came after 10.9. Are you telling me you never tested 10.9? And if you did what else does not work that you have not told us yet?
              3. the latest AE update was one month (Dec 2013) after your first email on this thread (Nov 2013) so you knew what was going on but you did not warn anybody? Why?
              4. Asking users that paid 1000's in any currency to upgrade to the latest version slightly more than a year after purchase is scandalous. CC is not an option, too many horror stories around.


              I have submitted a bug report, in the hope that common sense will prevail, but it seems that Adobe just tries to force feed CC to everyone. I am saying this because you have a fix that works, and you do not want to port it "back" to a software users purchased slightly more than a year ago. The same users that have been with you since forever.


              Pointing to Apple, when your users suffer and you have a fix is a disgrace.


              Is there another way to escalate or does it have to go to the (social) media.