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    RoboHTML 7.0 Abending Destructively

      This is the second time in four days the RoboHTML has "destructively abended". In each case, the error indicated "RoboHTML.exe -- Application Error". I didn't screen capture the first error. The second message read "The exception unknown software exception (0xc0020001) occurred in the application at location 0x7c812a5b. Click on OK to terminate the program." (i have a IBM ThinkCenter 8414 running Microsoft XP, Office 2003, fully patched and protected.)

      On 11/29, I believe this broke the project's Snippet processing. I could add Snippets, but they would not show up in the pod after the project was closed and re-opened.

      On 12/3, the RoboHTML application abend broke the "new > folder" functionality for the project. If I tried to add a folder to the project, the application would abend.

      It is clear that RoboHTML maintains its own "understanding" of the folders and topics and relationships in the project -- independent of the contents of the folders and files on the disk. I believe that this "manager" is the projectname.cpd file.

      When RoboHTML abends, it appears that the "manager" is corrupted. And the only alternative is to create a new project, re-create the folders one-by-one, and import the topics one-by-one.

      Two questions.

      Am I missing some more efficient re-creation process. Is there a way to "rebuild" the "manager" control file from the existing project folder information? Is it possible to import a folder or multiple topics into a new project with a single action?

      Is this Application abend common? Is there something I might be doing inadvertently to trigger it? Should I be making "safe copies" of the project on a regular basis?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Gary

          Are your source files on a network drive? If so, move them off straight away to a local drive. You can always backup to a network drive.

          You may want to take a look at this link but take particular norice of the "What will be lost" section if you decide to follow this line.
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            Given that you are referring to Snippets, this must be a fairly recent installation. If the project is not on the network, then we need to identify if it is RH or the project that is giving trouble.

            Open one of the sample projects and do some work on that to see if you get similar issues.

            Alternatively just create and work on a new project. If still having issues, post back with more information in response to the points Colum and I have raised.