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      Am using RH 7 and will publish with RH Server. Project consists of two handbooks. I need to find a way to clearly show in search results which handbook the resulting topics are from. (Making the handbook name part of the topic title seems too clunky.) Is there a way to have the search results sort by TOC title? E.g., a search would return the following: Handbook 1 - result 1, result 2, result 3 / Handbook 2 - result 1, result 2, etc.? Hope this makes sense!
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi boudreaux.

          Are you saying that you have the two handbooks merged into a single project or are they two seperate entities? If they are seperate you can publish them to two URLs and direct your users to them. I'm not aware of a way a search can tell the user which project they are looking at if you are merging.

          I'd agree using the topic name would be a tidious method. Could you handle it by having a header in a template?
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            RoboColum(n) Level 5
            You may also want to post this query in the RoboHelp Engine forum where there may be more experience of this there.
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              HKabaker Level 2
              I was just pondering this question yesterday. In a 12-piece merged project the topics found list can become long, and you can't tell immediately where they live.

              My subprojects have topic headers in a consistent style but with different text. In this case, it's Release Notes over several tears for the same suite of applications.

              But you have to open a topic first, and then find out it's in Release 1 or Release 10.

              What would be the simplest way to tag topic titles for the search database?

              Using FAR or a Perl script, you could append (a) to the topic titles in one manual and (b) in the other manual. If you do this last, the two TOCs won't pick up the tags. The Index, too, has been set. You haven't changed the file name, the ID key.

              The search compiler should pick up the revised title, I think. Of course, you'll need a popup tooltip or permanent note telling the user what (a) and (b) mean.

              Haven't tried it. Is anyone game?


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                bibliomania Level 1
                I just posted to RoboEngine to see if anyone there has a solution. Thanks.
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                  bibliomania Level 1
                  And I'll check with someone in-house who knows Perl script work-around, although I'm hoping for a different solution. These are two handbooks merged into one project as opposed to two stand-alone projects because we want people to be able to see everything that deals with their search across both handbooks.