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    Trigger Panel in Workspace

    beckiehawk Level 1

      Hi Adobe Edge developers... first of all, I LOVE Edge Animate CC.  I was totally deflated when Flash was sent over the "web" cliff and it's nice to have a new tool to create animated web sites.  So great to be able to repurpose all of the Flash web sites I did to have most (not all) of the animation and functionality.


      I do have one issue/request for the layout of the workspace.  I use dual monitors, so all of my tools and pallets are set up on my second monitor.  I sooooooooo wish I could keep the trigger panel open instead of it popping up in front of my timeline and having to close it every time.  It's a little inconvenient.


      If there is already a way to keep the trigger panel open, please let me know how to do it.

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          Yes it can be done.


          Go to the Window > Code menu option (Ctrl/Command + E).

          Once the Code Panel is open, drag from the title bar and drop it to any top, right, bottom, left portion of the 1st monitor frame area.


          Example, I have attached Code Panel with Elements and Timeline on one Monitor and Stage/Properties on another.


          This way any time you choose an Action Trigger/Event it will appear from the Code Panel that is docked - not in a pop-up.



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