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    paypal isn't integrating with my form


      I read all the FAQs and went thru the steps to connect multiple times.  It's not connecting.  My Paypal account is asking for confirmation on debits from my account, but there are none.  I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.



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          Eman Fu Adobe Employee

          Hi Lisa,


          We are sorry that you encounter problems with connecting your PayPal account. Could you take screenshots of the screens you mentioned and all error messages you have seen? With more specific information, it'll be easier for us to investigate your issue.

          Also, could you email me the email address you are using to log in to your PayPal account? With your PayPal email address, I will be able to look up our server logs to see what errors you have encountered. My email address is emanfu@adobe.com.



          Eman Fu

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