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    Column Chart with Columns That Vary in Width

      The subject is Column Chart with Columns That Vary in Width. I have been concentrating on the column renderer. Unfortunately, the renderer class receives control with access to limited information. Mainly, what it gets is pixel counts that measure the dimensions of the rectangle that ends up being a column. There is no straightforward way to send width information to the renderer. I can, however, change the color of the column. I thought of encoding the width in the height, but that distorts the actual height, potentially causing the chart scale to be computed incorrectly. Also, the encoding is hard to reverse once the height in transformed by an unknown and varying scale factor so that the column fits on the chart. I love the way the column chart looks. I only want to alter the width of each individual column. Since I am drawing each column, if I knew the widths, I'd be done by now. Do you have a better approach? Thanks in advance.