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    How much Ram do I need? (getting a new laptop, help me please!)



      So I'm in the market for a new laptop since my current one can't manage at all.

      I've found an MSI laptop that I really want :


      It's a gaming laptop but it's got all the specs I've been looking for and the thiness and lightness of it is just astounding.


      The only problem is that it's only able to have 16 GB of RAM, will this be enough?


      I mostly use Premiere pro cs6 where I'm confident that 16 GB will be enough, I'm a bit worried about After effects cs6 though. I don't use AE everyday and when I do it's as a hobby but I do still sometimes use it quite a bit, at the same time as running Premiere. And once I get a laptop that can actually handle AE I will probably start using it more.


      So what do you think, will 16 GB of Ram be enough?

      I am currently using a laptop with only 6 GB (and it's a nightmare, although the other specs of this laptop aren't really worth smiling about either)


      I would really appreciate any and all help!