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    InDesign Interactive PDF; two-up cover issue and preference setting conflict


      Hi, I am prepping an interactive PDF in InDesign CS6 on a Mac and am going to duplicate it to a CD for distribution.


      I want the user to open the file and have it behave as follows:

           1. view the cover

           2. preview rest of file as facing pages (but be single pages so they can print 8.5 x 11)

           3. view the bookmarks in the open window


      I had this work perectly in CS5.5 - but 6 is posing trouble. I want the two pages and a grey line in between.


      Here is how I am writing the PDF from InDesign
      • File > export > Adobe PDF (Interactive)

      • All pages

      • View 'Default'

      • layout two-up (cover Page)

      • Page transitions 'from document'

      • forms and media 'Include all'

      • Tagged PDF 'Create'



      I am not getting it to open on a windows machine in adobe reader as facing pages - it is singles.

      I tried to go to the PDF and select the preference setting as well with no luck.


      what am I doing wrong?


      The only way I can get it to preview as a 'magazine' is to print in spreads - but then I don't have the capability to print letter size.


      thanks in advance.