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    Outdated Camera Raw plug-in for CS5 Extended


      As a long time user of ADOBE products, (Flash, Reader, Acrobat, Photodeluxe, and photoshop)  I was first introduced to PHOTODELUXE2 that came with a scanner. Got to like it, then over the years, I've had the opportunity to try out other PS titles like PS7, and the last version I have is the PS CS5 Extended, which I bought at a garage sale a few years ago.  Are these Photoshop programs only for the RICH AND FAMOUS?

        I have cancer, and I am on disability, so for obvious reasons, and financially, I can not afford the $700.00 plus price tag for photoshop full licensed program. I have tried to open RAW photos from my Canon G6 Digital camera, but the plug-in needs to be updated. I also have a newer Canon SX50, that does have a RAW plug in, but that only works with this cameras photos, not my old CRW Images.


      The G6 Raw plug-in was a 32-bit, that came with the Install Canon disc, but since changing my 32-bit OS to a WIN 7 64-bit, that plug-in no longer works, unless I get a hold of another XP 32Bit computer, and install it on that, which I do not wish to do,


      Is there a third party Camera raw plugin that might open these G6 RAW files?  or do I have to buy the expensive full licensed program, which I can not afford? I have taken a photoshop Class at a local School, and received a 'Certificate of Completion", but as a student, I did not know at that time, that I could have got a discouted price for being a student, and looking back, it was still too expensive for me anyway, even at that price.

      Since being diagnosed with cancer, I find myself at home all the time and enjoy editing photos for my self and family, I do not use this PS software for any financial gain, just self enjoyment, which takes my thoughts of having cancer away whenever I dabble.


      I certainy appreciate the work that the Adobe developers go through, and I certainly do not want to take away from their livlihood buy using a product I bought for $15.00 for at a garage sale last year. But the CS6 Standard costs $700.00, or the CS6 Extended, at $1,000, what are my options?..I haven't won the lottery just yet.


      i guess I'm looking for a Camera raw Plug-in to be able to open older CRW RAW Images. OR find a licensed PD CS5 Extended at a nominal price. Thank you for any help!  Sincerely, Jim