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    Need help rendering




      I made a compisition that is 8895x1646 pixels. It is going to be displayed on 3x 42" screens that are side by side (A Doners Wall for a charity lobby). My first idea was to render the compisition as  a quicktime Animation and then use quicktime to export it as a 1080p H.264 file, However after I did this it reduced the deminsions to 1920x355.


      How can I render this file at good quality and reasonable file size without reducing the deminsions? (I am useing AE CC)



      Thanks for the help.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          First thing -- find out how they will play this back.  It is NOT a standard thing.  Find out who's in charge of playing it back.  Talk to this person.  Find out what this person needs from you for successful playback.


          Once you have the deliverviery specifications, visit here again if you have questions.

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            jhoward@jls Level 1

            They do not have delivery specifications for me, all I know is they have 3x 42" screens side by side that are all attached to 1 computers graphic card. They want to play the video in Quicktime or VLC player and connect the screens together using Eye Finity with their AMD graphics card.


            We have gone at tested the screens already and it allows us to use Quick time to play a Video that covers all 3 screens at one.


            Now I just need to find out what render settings are needed to play our video on their screens and have it look crisp.


            Help this info helps! Thanks