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    basic OOP question.

    chrisatflash Level 1
      Hello, can anyone explain why the value keeps returning a undefined value?
      this.speedX and this.speedY are undefined.

      in the source file i used to instanciate the class:

      var test:csmove = new csmove(circle, 2,2);

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          if you are using AS2 when you set the onEnterFrame to upsdatepositie
          the scope of that function doesn't belong to your class. to ensure
          this you must use Delegate.create

          import mx.utils.Delegate;

          function movenow() {
          this.targetMC.onEnterFrame = Delegate.create(this,

          and if you want that the targetMC keep on moving inside updatepositie
          you should have

          targetMC._x += this.speedX;
          targetMC._y += this.speedY;

          hope this is usefull

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            You can use delegate as Roberto suggested, or you can simply put your speed
            variables within your target clip:

            function csmove(targetClip:MovieClip, X, Y) {
            this.targetMC = targetClip;
            this.targetMC.speedX = X;
            this.targetMC.speedY = Y;

            You don't need to change anything else. Now when you say this.speedX inside
            your updaepositie() you will be referring to the speedX property of the
            clip. Note also, I changed the function param above to targetClip - I just
            don't like using same named vars like that.

            Dave -
            Head Developer
            Adobe Community Expert

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              chrisatflash Level 1
              Thanks, both methods worked great!

              The Delegate class was new to me.
              The trick to assign a value to a movieclip works also very well.