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    characters shows as “?”

      1. Compile the  struct samples in FDK11










      2.Open with “Framemaker11”



      3.Insert characters as below in FM11


      4.Some of characters shows as “?” eg1.JPG )。 Also after save and close reopen it some of the characters shows as “?” too.


      Please help me solve the problem, so that we will not show “?” after reopen it.

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          Bob Niland (Error 7103) Level 4

          It looks like you are relying on the legacy Symbol font. Does your generation process create a Character Format that applies that format to the text?


          It seems like it would be a lot less trouble to choose a reasonably well populated Unicode font (Arial Unicode MS if you have to), and use the Unicode code point for that symbol (u\21d0).

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            shijiali Level 1

            Thank you for your answer!

            I want to insert the special character using FrameMakeer(eg: ).  After save and reopen , I only want to show right character instead of messy code.


            By the way, "Arial Unicode MS" is same with the  " Arial " ? If not, how could I get "Arial Unicode MS"?

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              Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              With unicode aware versions of FM, you should be using the supplied unicode aware SymbolStd OTF font instead of the old non-unicode Symbol font. It is in the FrameMaker \fminit\fonts\adobe folder.

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                shijiali Level 1

                I'm glad to recieve your answer!

                Look at the picture as below:


                These characters show as “?” .After save and reopen, I want it will not shows as “?”

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                  Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Please note that the Character Palette shows all of the unicode glyphs that exist, however the font being used may not actually have these encoded into it.


                  For example, entering the 21D line of the Character palette shows the following results for different fonts:




                  For the SymbolStd font, the contained glyphs are shown in this pdf: http://www.adobe.com/type/browser/pdfs/SYBQ/SymbolStd.pdf


                  Is the correct font being applied to the characters in your example? To be certain that the correct charcters have been placed in the FrameMaker document, you should highlight the ? charcter and select the File > Utilities > Hex Input...option. This will display the exact unicode value of the selected character as shown below:



                  If you check the SymbolStd glyph chart, you will find that the arrow glyphs above 21d4 are not present in the font, hence he question mark is displayed when the SymbolSd font is specified. However, these same codepoints exist in the Arial Unicode MS font and are correctly displayed.


                  The reason that you aree seeing the ? characters means that for the specified codepoint, the font that is being used for that specific character does not have that glyph available. Check what is defined in your paragraph and character tags applied to your content.

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                    shijiali Level 1

                    Thanks for your help. Now we can show right character. But, after save and reopen , it still show messy code of "?". Also show error message as below when saving.

                    " XML Parser Messages (Document Instance)

                    Error at file D:\zhangyu\FM11特殊文字2.xml, line 30, char 107, Message: Element 'description' is not valid for content model '(#PCDATA|font-style|styledtext|script|symbol|figure|link1|link2|link3|marker)*'"


                    Does it because we lack of the font of “Arial Unicode MS or Symbol Std”? If does, how could we import the font “Arial Unicode MS”or “Symbol Std”?  We can find “Symbol Std” in folder “FrameMaker \fminit\fonts\adobe”in my local.

                    how could I get "Arial Unicode MS"?