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    Frame Rate Bug

    Jim_Simon Level 9

      I think I've stumbled upon a bug and could use some verification.


      In short, I cannot get any Adobe software to correctly output 24fps media to same.


      The longer version is that I've got some 24 fps media at exactly 24, not 23.976.  Premiere Pro reads the media correctly at 24.  (Though on a side note, both Media Browser and Prelude read it incorrectly as 23.98.)


      I've created a matching sequence and exported that one clip (no edits, no effects) using both Queue to AME and direct Export from PP.  I've also tried the Render Queue out of AE for the same clip in a matching composition.  I've also tried Ingest in Prelude with a Transcode.


      I've tried exporting to DNxHD, UT, MPEG2-DVD, H.264, H.264 Blu-ray, and JPEG image sequence.  The export specs match the 24 fps for all formats.


      This was tested on both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.


      In every single case, brining that exported media back in and placing it directly over the original, the frames to not match.  The audio is perfectly in sync, the durations are correct down to the frame.  But as I move through the footage, the frames begin to mismatch, so that if I click the eyeball to turn off track 2 and see the original underneath, it's a different frame!  They start off identical, and they end up syncing again near the end so there's no duration discrepancy.  But the frames in between do not match!?!?!?


      This does not happen with my 23.976 media, only with the 24 fps media.  It does seem to take some time for the drift to pronounce, like 5 to 10 minutes of media.  It didn't show up on shorter clips.


      The clip tested was spanned into two files, so I wonder if that plays a part.


      Can anyone with genuine 24 fps media test this?  It's a pretty serious bug if such media will not export frame accurate.