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    so frustrated


      i've created a form in forms central that is several pages long. I get an error message saying "the rating scale is too large to fit on one page and has been cropped." I can NOT figure out how to insert page breaks. HELP!!

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          It sounds like you are designing the form in "Page View" which is used to design your form for PDF, are you designing a form to distribute as PDF?


          The Page Breaks are in the form field toolbar:

          Form field toolbar Page Break.PNG


          You won't be able to insert within a Rating Scale, if the rating scale itself is too big for a page it will need to be broken into two.

          Also note that clicking the "Form Setup" button along the top brings up Form Setup options such as controlling the Page Size if you are using PDF, you could change the form to Legal size to have the rating scale fit onto one page:

          Form top toolbar Form Setup button.png




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            amendelson Level 1

            josh, thanks. I don't (obviously) know how to use this program. I thought I created the form but yet, it appears it is too long. Changing it to a legal size didn't help. When printed, it is four pages of typed information. ANyway, I agree that it does "need to be broken into two" but is the only way to do that to re-type the entire form/document? I can't beleive that would be the only way to move what took me hours to input into the computer broken onto individual pages.


            And, if that is the only way to divide up the data onto separate pages, and I DID have to go in and RE-TYPE the entire document (argh) how would I know when to "start a new page"? like most programs I've used, I guess I just assumed that I would input all the information and the computer program would allot it to the page until there is no more room, and then move the remaining data/text (whatever you call it) onto a new page. n't


            For the life of me, I can't discern a way to take all the content I spent hours typing in to this form and simply spread it out over several pages. . Ultimately, my docuament should be about 4 pages long and I don't want to have to retype the whole thing.


            Admittedly, I've never used this program, and I don't know what I'm doing; but I thought it would be easier to figure out than it has been. thanks!

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              amendelson Level 1

              oh, and I don't know what your question, "are you designing a form to distribute in pdf" means. I am trying to create a survey-type form (rating scale) that I can email to people and they can complete on their computer and then email the completed form back to me.

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                Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                My question about PDF:  There are two ways you can distribute a FormsCentral form - as a "web/HTML" form that users will fill out in any modern web browser, or as a "PDF" which is emailed (or posted on a website to be downloaded) and filled out on a users computer using the Free Adobe Reader. 


                If you are not distributing a PDF, and instead would like to email a URL to an online "web form" for users to fill out and submit from a web browser then this is not really an issue.  You will want to change the "View" setting to "Web View" and will not see any more warnings about page size.


                Change the "View" to "Web View" by either clicking on "Page View" in the bottom right corner and choosing "Web View" in the menu that comes up, or from the "View" file menu.  Both of these options are shown when you have your form open on the "Design" tab.


                When you design in Web View you will define the page breaks yourself and none are automatically added, pages can be as long as you wish so your entire Ratings Scale can be on one page.


                Note that if you are using the "desktop" application of FormsCentral that comes with Adobe Acrobat Professional XI (I am guessing that you may be since you are seeing the Page View view mode by default) then you will need to do two things before you can do this: 

                1. Sign into FormsCentral by clicking on the upper right icon that looks like a person and clicking "Sign In"
                2. Also the form has to be "Online", you can move a form online by clicking on the "Collect Responses Online" tab of the form and clicking "Move Online".


                I hope this helps clarify, let me know if you have more questions.