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    UTF-8 or Windows character set?

    HKabaker Level 2
      I'm putting through RH7 several projects previously produced in RH5x and RH 6. (Not the WebHelp output, but copies of the original source projects, launched with RH 7.)

      Special characters are a problem. I plan to do some testing. Maybe it's not the fault of RH, and I need to update my source files manually for these characters.

      But meanwhile, I thought I'd ask these questions:

      1. Is there a reason to choose UTF-8 for Windows users? Will IE and other browsers display UTF-8 correctly in a Windows environment?

      2. If UTF-8 is OK, is there a reason not to choose UTF-8 for a project previously worked in RH 6 or earlier? I expect RH 7 to produce the correct output, but it is having a problem with older special characters in the source files. The corollary question is whether RH 7 recognizes and converts outdated code for special characters when they occur in imported html (source project) files.