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    Installing Flash Player link redirect

    Frelt 1912

      Apple MacBook Pro:

      OSX 10.9.1

      2.66 ghz Intell Core i7 Processor

      8 GB RAM


      FireFox version 26.0


      Installed FlashPlayer version:



      Needed version:

      12 or more current



      Any link directing to the player download link only redirects to Adobe.com

      How can I update?


      I'm lead from: 


      To:  http://www.adobe.com/ 

      After clicking "install now" There is no download window pop up and no broswer notification of any kind.



      ***** EDIT ******


      I used Safari to install the update. It works flawlessly. So the problem is with Firefox, but to what extent? I have quite a few extentions running on it.