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    Add TWO Edge Animations/Stages to ONE web page (without using oam)


      Hi All,


      This is a bit of a follow on question for those who are adding scalable height/width edge compositions to web pages using the awesome piece of code created by Sarah (http://sarahjustine.com/) and other forum contributors... (attached code below).


      My question is: How do I add a second Edge Animate composition to the same page using this method?  So it's using "Stage" already... i'm guessing it's a matter of changing it to "Stage_02" etc in the following code?  I've tried changing the relevant code but so far I have been unsuccessful in getting it to recognise a second stage.


      Any help would be appreciated, many thanks in advance for your time.





      <!--Adobe Edge Runtime-->

          <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="clouds_edgePreload.js"></script>


              .edgeLoad-EDGE-78729757 { visibility:hidden; }


      <!--Adobe Edge Runtime End-->


      <div class="stagewrap">

              <div id="Stage" class="EDGE-78729757">

              </div><!-- Close Edge Animate Stage -->

      </div><!-- Close stagewrap -->




      Adobe Edge Stage Script


      var stageHeight = sym.$('Stage').height(); // Set a variable for the height of the stage


      sym.$("#Stage").css({ // Set the transform origin so we always scale to the top left corner of the stage

      "transform-origin":"0 0",

      "-ms-transform-origin":"0 0",

      "-webkit-transform-origin":"0 0",

      "-moz-transform-origin":"0 0",

      "-o-transform-origin":"0 0"



      function scaleStage() {

          var stage = sym.$('Stage'); // Set a reusable variable to reference the stage

          var parent = sym.$('Stage').parent(); // Set a reusable variable to reference the parent container of the stage


          var parentWidth = stage.parent().width(); // Get the parent of the stage width

          var stageWidth = stage.width(); // Get the stage width

          var desiredWidth = Math.round(parentWidth * 1); // Set the new width of the stage as it scales

          var rescale = (desiredWidth / stageWidth); // Set a variable to calculate the new width of the stage as it scales


      // Rescale the stage!

           stage.css('transform', 'scale(' + rescale + ')');

          stage.css(  '-o-transform', 'scale(' + rescale + ')');

           stage.css('-ms-transform', 'scale(' + rescale + ')');

          stage.css('-webkit-transform', 'scale(' + rescale + ')');

           stage.css('-moz-transform', 'scale(' + rescale + ')');

          stage.css('-o-transform', 'scale(' + rescale + ')');

          parent.height(stageHeight * rescale); // Reset the height of the parent container so the objects below it will reflow as the height adjusts



      // Make it happen when the browser resizes

      $(window).on('resize', function(){




      // Make it happen when the page first loads