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    How to change the wrong ID if there is the ebook

    anakin Level 1

      Dear all,

      today I created my first account.

      I made a fault: I typed .net - it should have been .de

      So I created a new account.

      What I did not know was, that I already combined my ebook with the wrong Mailadress.

      So the second account is useless. But this account is the one with the right Mailadress.

      The first mailadress does not excist.

      So I would like to change the wrong Mailadress into the real one.

      This is not possible, because the second account with this adress does already excist.

      What to do now?


      Is it possible to delete the account with the right Mailadress?

      Could I afterwards change the wrong Mailadress into the right one?

      Is the ebook then still available?


      Thank you for your help!




      I just recognized that a similar problem already was discussed under the topic:

      connect two different email addresses to ADE


      What was finally the result then?