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    Table of Contents for a hymnal

    rooslr Level 1

      I am using Indesign CC (Creative Cloud).  We are putting together a hymnal supplement for a church hymnal. Instead of page numbers, there is a reference number for each hymn. This eases confusion with the congregant not having to decide if the number that is announced is a  hymn number or a page number.


      I set up the hymn titles with 2 paragraphs: one is the hymn reference number (e.g., 2001, 2002, 2003, …); the 2nd paragraph is the hymn title. The hymn reference number paragraph style has the alignment of "Away from spine" so that the hymn references are left-most on left-hand (even) pages and right-most on right-hand pages. Note: There can be more than one hymn or sung acclamation on a given page.


      Now I want to create a Table of Contents that has both the reference number and the hymn title. I find that I cannot do this because I am using 2 paragraph styles. However, if I combine both the hymn reference number and the hymn title into one paragraph, then I cannot use the alignment of "Away from spine".


      What I want the pages to look like are are something like:


      Page 2 (even page):

           2001     Hymn title 1

           2002     Hymn title 2


      Page 3 (odd page):

           Hymn title 3     2003

           Hymn title 4     2004

           Hymn title 5     2005



      Then, this is what I would like the Table of Contents to look like:


           2001     Hymn title 1

           2002     Hymn title 2

           2003     Hymn title 3

           2004     Hymn title 4

           2005     Hymn title 5


      I already looked at the forum entry for:





      In a book how can I combine two lines of a chapter title into one TOC entry?


      Any ideas on how I could procede?

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          In such cases I use—even it is more work—cross references.

          But I have used other methods too, like invisible text which will create the TOC automatically, e.g. I create a 3rd paragraph with automatic text variables which are taking the number and the hymn title from the prvevious paragraph automatically, this paragraph style has no color and can have any size and this paragraph style is used to create the TOC.


          For editing purposes you might change the paragraph style temporarily to a visible paragraph style.

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            rooslr Level 1

            Thank you for your quick response. I have been trying several methods over the last few days.


            Method 1: I created anchored text objects (with an attribute on non-printing), which I use to place notes in the outside margins of the text frames. I then type the hymn number and the hymn title into the note, with a tab character betweeen the two of them. Each object is anchored at the end of the text, just before the paragraph mark. I have the following paragraph styles in my Table of Contents:


                 Mass settings          (major header)               Heading level 1

                 Hymn information     (intermediate header)     Heading level 2


            When I generate the table of contents, the problem is that the ordering is wrong. This is because anchored objects have a ordering  that is established when one creates the object. However, I could not find how I could re-order the order of the objects. From some other forum items I read, I discovered that this ordering is not the same at that of the objects in the the layers palette.


            How can one change the ordering of the anchored objects, so that they occur in the correct order in the Table of Contents.


            Method 2: How does one use an "automatic text variable" to select a portion of the text from a preceding paragraph? I would like to try this method when I get a chance.