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    Anyone have early experience with RH11's Resource Manager feature, and...

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      1) Hi. Has anyone used RH11's Resource manager features to share assets.


      2) Also, one thing that's unclear for me is whether or not Resource Manager (or some other feauture of RH) can help multiple authors of the same PROJECT. I can see how individuals can contribute to topics, images, etc. But is there a way to delegate the organization of topics (ie, the TOC) between multiple authors. EG, say we eventually want a introductory material, install instructions, concepts, API documentation all in one project so that users have one place to go to search / browse for material. Can RH support an arrangement whereby each of these doc areas has its own writer, and that writer is in charge of his one area of a single TOC for one project? Or, is one individual (a doc archetence, say) responsible for assembling all the topics into a project?


      Thx in advance.



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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Rh11 has only been about one week so there's no real world experience of using it day to day. In a test scenario it does what it says.


          It is not intended as a subsitute for source control to allow multiple authors to work on the same project at the same time.


          With Dropbox you have a copy of the project on a local drive. The nearest to what you describe is you would upload a copy of the project to Dropbox independently of RoboHelp. You could work on the project by accessing the local copy but that would be one person at a time. However, I could work on the project in one time zone and go home. Another author could then wait for their local copy to be updated via Dropbox and then carry on. Essential to make sure the local copy has updated. What you cannot do is both work on the project at the same time. It was not designed for that workflow.


          A possible solution is to break your content into separate projects and use merged help (see my site). Then each author could be assigned separate projects. When the outputs are required, one author would take responsibility for that while all other authors are out of the projects.


          Hope that helps.


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