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    CF page generates random IE error

    jdeline Level 1
      We have a CF page that always produces an IIS error for one of our clients, sometimes the error occurs for an employee outside our network and the error never occurs for users inside our firewall. The error acts exactly as described in the MS KB 927917. A snippet of code from that KB article is shown below.

      We are not modifying any container element with innerHTML or appendChild, which is the issue discussed in the KB. We do use CFHEADER in some of our scripts and have no occurrences of CFHTMLHEAD. Can anyone think of a ColdFusion construct that might reproduce this error?

      Also, the offending page dynamically creates 91 CSS selectors which are located between </TR> and the next <TR>. That, of course is wrong, but it produces an interesting result. Firefox ignores the style sheets altogether, while IE processes the first 30 and then gives up. I don't know if this is contributing to the error mentioned above, but I'm going to recode it.

      TIA for any ideas.

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          jdeline Level 1
          For the record, we fixed the problem. It was the 91 dynamically generated style sheets between the </TR> and the next <TR>. A bit of CF coding to create a CSS selector was done and the page passed unit and system testing and the user confirms that it's working.

          I guess the moral of this story is that coding that violates W3C standards may or may not work in some browsers some of the time.