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    EPUB validation for Font Color,size and alignment




      We are doing a project on comparing a file content. Create a pdf document and convert it to epub then comparing the source file content (pdf) with epub to ensure the content are same, font size,color,bold,text overlap.pagenumber...


      Do we have any tool to compare the files and verify the above mentioned properties.




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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          Normally EPUBs are exported directly from InDesign to EPUB whithout the deviation to create a PDF.

          But what you expect from you EPUB will fail anyway:

          • EPUB look very different depending what program and device someone is using.
          • The user can change font, font size and can use different screen sizes. This will influence the page numbers.
          • Not every reader supports every feature you can show in a PDF.

          You have to think that EPUBs are a kind of XHTML and CCS3 and as it is with web browsers the difference between EPUB reeders are huge. You cannont expect the same results with EPUBs as you have with PDFs.

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            Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

            As Willi pointed out ePub is a completely different format to PDF. For example, because the pages can reflow because the user can change the size of the text, there are no page numbers in ePubs.


            To open (sometimes termed as "crack open") an ePub, you can use the free utility eCanCrusher, which is available for both Mac and PCs:

            http://www.docdataflow.com/ecancrusher/ this utility will open (uncompress) the ePub and recompress it back to an ePub.


            I urge everyone who's interested in ePubs to open one and have a look at the various files that comprise an ePub – take the mystery out of them!