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    How to take advantage of H.264 video streaming of webcam BCC950


      We used flex 4.6 to develop an web app using Logitech webcam of BCC950, We used Graphedit of Directdraw to know BCC950 has pin 0 to support i320,RGB24,and mjpg stream, and pin 3 to support H.264 stream. We also set h264videostreamingsettings in as code to ask for H.264 data directly from the webcam, but from the CPU consuming we can judge flash player only fetch pin 0 uncompressed data instead of H.264 data directly. We need to take advantage of BCC950 H.264 support to get webcam hardware compressed H.264 streaming data to avoid compression by CPU/software. As we know flash does not give programmers choice to define the pin to get data, then what we need to do to make sure we can get H.264 video stream from the webcam directly? thanks. Henry