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    basic cross-platform issue with IDD tagged text

    FieryPantone Level 3

      As I said, basic … but something I've only just run into.


      1. I prepare an IDD tagged text file on a Windows PC, so with the heading <ASCII-WIN>. It includes typographer's quotation marks and a scattering of accented characters.

      <ParaStyle:p>Lefébure-Wely mentions a similar idea in his 1845 Method, where the following passage occurs among the exercises:


      <ParaStyle:quoteEnglish>“The sign ^ indicates that the player should press quickly on one of the pedals while at the same time playing the notes over which the sign is written, in such a way as to obtain a short, strong note on the Poïkilorgue, equivalent to staccato notes on other instruments. It only applies, however, to plaqués chords and to notes separated by a rest at least a quaver [eighth note] long. It would be impossible to apply this technique to an uninterrupted series of short notes,certainly in an Allegro.”


      <ParaStyle:quoteFrench>«Ce signe ^ indique qu'il faut appuyer brusquement sur l'une des deux pédales et toucher simultanément les notes sur lesquelles il se trouve placé de manière à obtenir un son bref et fort sur le Poïkilorgue, équivalent aux notes pointées des autres instruments. Ceci ne s'applique toutefois qu'aux accords plaqués et aux notes séparées par un silence qui ne saurait être moindre qu'un soupir. Il serait impossible de faire usage de ce moyen pour une série de notes brèves sans interruption, surtout dans un Allegro.»


      <ParaStyle:p>This final restriction brings us back to Lickl, who also says the chords must be separated by rests.  Frelon, in his example, gives shorter note values than Lickl and Lefébure-Wely.


      2. I use file > place in IDD CS5 on a Windows PC and observe with satisfaction that everything is as it should be.


      3. I use file > place in IDD CS5 on a Mac and observe with less satisfaction that quotes and accented characters are consistently displayed as something else. (this also happens when I open the file in a Mac text editor)


      I hope I'm doing something simple that's wrong, like (for instance) starting the file with <ASCII-WIN> when my Windows text editor says it's saving in ANSI. This idea only occurred to me today, so I haven't had time to check it yet. I've checked the IDD documentation, and shall also try replacing the quotes with <0x201C> and <0x201D>


      If there are other gotchas I need to pay attention to, please let me know! it would be helpful to be able to transport the same tagged text file between machines. Thanks in advance.