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    How can I make an online order form that works?


      I've tried ID CS6 exporting as interactive pdf & Acrobat Pro XI and am trying jotform. Jotform doesn't let me position things like ID.


      CS attempts don't submit in some browsers (chrome), or incorrectly in IE8.


      This is what I would like to do: http://www.donahuestudiosphotographs.com/Riecken/OnlineOrderForm.pdf

      The sample only shows 11 items but the final doc will have 100-200.



      This form will not be acceptng payments as users will already have an acct. The users order products regularly.


      OS = Windows 7.


      I like ID but can use other programs if necessary.


      It would really be nice if only selected items were in the submitted response.



      Any help will be appreciated.