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    AE stuttery object motion

    Ash J Williams

      Not sure the title is the best way to describe this, but essentially the motion of objects in my copy of AE is no longer smooth, it's as if it is dropping frames, almost every other frame, it's quite subtle, but it's not how it was a day or two ago...


      All was well, until i watched back a RAM preview and noticed the objects stuttered across the composition rather than moved smoothly as normal. Thought it was probably just because it was a RAM preview, but uncompressed rendered versions suffered too.


      Not sure if I have unchecked something, bumped my keyboard and used some shortcut to change a setting or what has happened. Have tried working at a few different composition sizes, all at 25fps. If I push up the frame rate to 60fps, this appears to sort it out, also if I put Frame Blending on, this helps it a little too. Is there anything else I should have turned on or off?


      Playing back other video in Quicktime or VLC on my machine is fine, when I open older AE projects they appear to now be affected too. It's also having an affect on certain objects fading in and out using the opacity.


      Any thoughts or insight would be much appreciated. Will upload a vid if needs be.





      imac, 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5

      24GB 1600 MHz DDR3

      OSX 10.8.5

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sounds like you're experiencing judder. Read more about it here. It's not specific to post work either; you can get that same problem by panning the camera at the wrong speed when filming. It's an issue Hollywood has been dealing with since the advent of cinema.

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            Ash J Williams Level 1

            Yeah, had a read of that earlier, thinking it could be that issue, but, I have projects that where nice and smooth, and now have 'the judder'. So I figured it can't be that... something has changed somewhere. It also appears to be effecting other ellements such as objects fading in and out using opacity. They're not appearing 'smoothly', they're crashing in for want of a better description...

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Have you updated anything recently? Your graphics card, your OS, your AE?

              Speaking of AE, exactly what is your version? 11.0.4? 12.2.0?

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                Ash J Williams Level 1

                Nah, nothing updated or changed.



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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Try updating your AE. You're missing the 10.5.1 update. I'm not very optimistic that it'll solve your problem, but there's a chance.


                  Obviously something has changed. Maybe some of your hardware is failing (you do have backups, right?), maybe you just need to trash your AE prefs, or maybe now is a good time to consider upgrading to the newer version. There are a lot of nice, new features and it's a pretty cheap cost to upgrade from CS5.5.

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    A change in frame rate will change judder. A change in the number of pixels your objects move will change judder. A change in line thickness will change things. Going from interlaced to progressive in your render will change things...


                    If you can step through your problem area a frame at a time with the Composition Zoom Factor set to something 400% and check the edges of your details and see any kind of juddering edges then it's an anti aliasing issue caused by thin lines and position inaccuracy.


                    If your edges are nice and smooth at 400% and a frame at a time and a Delivery Format movie is having juddering problems then it's a combination of frame rate, in the case of a computer, refresh rate, and motion in the frame. You'll have to change frame rate, or speed, or both to make the problem go away or mask the problem with motion blur.

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                      Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I was thinking it was judder until he mentioned that his opacity changes weren't smooth AND that previous projects that were fine are now stuttering. Ash, just to be sure, can you create a new comp and animate the opacity of something? Is that smooth?

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                        Ash J Williams Level 1

                        Thanks for all the input guys.


                        I've spent that much time staring at the screen and motion I think I might be going a slightly mad.


                        Having done a few more tests on older projects I can see it more in some comps than others, but I'm not sure if I'm not tricking myself and thinking it's worse than it actually is by being overly critical. But it's definately not right...


                        As it happens, it's being upgraded to the latest AE in a few weeks time, so I can use 60fps work around until then if I have to.


                        I'm off to have my eyes and head tested.


                        Again, thanks for the input guys, it's much appreciated.

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                          I've also seen this sort of thing when using the wrong framerate on video card.  If my comp is 30 and my video preview is set to 23.98, things look really crappy.  Maybe someone got into you machine and changed the video preview framerate???