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    Which license is the plugin.dll under?

    Peter Littmann

      The plugin.dll is needed to access some filter plugins in .8BF format. These filters may be free and can be used in other programs like Corel PaintShop or Irfanview, too. But when the filters need this plugin the users of these filters need to find a way to get it.


      Therefore I ask:

      Under which license is this plugin.dll and in which way is redistribution allowed?

      What is the suggested way to get it legally correct?

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          Tom Ruark Adobe Employee

          I'm no lawyer but I doubt you are allowed to redistribute. Check the documentation from where you got the 8BF file. Just have others download them in the same way you downloaded them. Here is some info I found on Adobe.



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            MOMIR ZECEVIC Level 1



            If you want to distribute free for use plug-in you have to obtain license for distribution from owner of that plug-in.


            You need something like this (you would be developer)


            1. LICENSE 


            Rights Granted to Developer. Owner grants Developer a perpetual, non-exclusive, license and right to:   

            (i)Reproduce and distribute the Software and prepare Derivative Works thereof;   

            (ii) Incorporate the Software and/or Derivative Works thereof within Developer’s Products; and (iii) Market, promote, sell, license, and/or distribute copies of the Software and Derivative Works thereof as part of Developer’s Products, both directly to end users and indirectly through distributors, dealers, resellers, agents, and other third parties. 


            Rights Reserved to Owner. Developer acknowledges Owner’s representation that the Software is the property of Owner and that Developer has no rights in the foregoing except those expressly granted by this Agreement. Nothing herein shall be construed as restricting Owner’s right to sell, lease on a non-exclusive basis, license, modify, publish, or otherwise distribute the Software, in whole or in part, to any other person. 


            (c) No Unbundled Distribution. 

            Developer shall not distribute or transfer in any way a copy of all or any part of the Software separate and apart from Developer’s Products.


            This is serious stuff, so you will need a good lawyer to prepare, or read if offered by owner side license agreement.


            Hope this helps.



            Momir Zecevic

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              Peter Littmann Level 1

              Thanks for the link to the licenses. So I have read unbundling is not allowed and I interpret this as using a unbundled file from the Photoshop Plugin Utilities named plugin.dll will also be not legal, right? So the only way to use the plugin.dll for longer than 30 days is to buy and install a adobe product which includes it, cause testing time is limited to only 30 days, correct?


              So the question is, what is the cheapest product whch includes the Plugin?

              When I am right informed, it is in Adobe Photoshop(around $699), Photoshop Elements( around $69,59) and Illustrator(around $565), so the regulary home user is urged to pay at least 69,59 or become illegal when using it?


              Is this fair for a file which has only 46.17 KB(http://www.boostbyreason.com/resource-file-11217-plugin-dll.aspx)?


              I like to mention that Adobe finds a better way to not let the home users become ilegal.