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    Hi Any ideas how to solve repetitios window opening?


      I try to make my flash banner lead me to a URL but every time the banner reloads it opens new window over and over again. What should i do with the script........maybe is about on which frame i put the script Thanks a million:
      _____script : _____________________on (release) { getURL (" http://www.moet.com/home/flash.html?langue=us"); }
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          Your code seems ok. except for that semicolon ( ; ) just before the curly cracket ( } )

          I sometimes had some weird behaviours happen when i finished a line of code like...

          ) ; }

          i was taught that a semicolon also tells flash that the line is over, that there is nothing past that point on that line.
          Maybe its causing some weird functionality for you too.

          If not... then my guess is that your problem lies somewhere else in your code. Or maybe a stray getURL() along the time line in your banner.

          Double check for any stray code you may have in your movie...If nothing comes up, post the rest of your code here, and we'll see if there might be a reason for your troubles.