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    Printing forms


      The information for printing forms is confusing to me. Please tell me exactly how to save a form as an Excel sheet and then be able to adjust the cells for printing, so i don't have hundreds of pages.  When I download "save as excel" it tells me it is the wrong format and I should open and save it differently.

      I don't know how to do that, because it does not let me open it. I don't know where I am saving it, to be able to open it.

      I am not used to all the computer info that others know.

      When I go to view, and print layout mode, it is tons of pages for 120 responses.  It only shows 3 or 4 cells on each page across for each person, and then on to the next page.

      I would like to see a list of all the responses, so I can check various things about each person's reservation.

      One help page, said to click the blue ruler to adjust settings..  Nothing happens when I click the blue ruler.


      I checked the Adobe pdf help,but I am still extremely confused.


      Does it make a difference if I am "contributor" instead of "co-author"?




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          jcanepa Adobe Employee

          I'll start with Contributor vs. Co-author.  For saving as xls this is not a factor.  Any type of user (Free, Trial or Plus) that is set as either Co-author or Contributor should be able to save responses as xls.


          To do this log into your FormsCentral account and open the form.  Go to the View Responses tab.  In the toolbar click on the Save as Excel button.  In the resulting Save Responses dialog click on the OK button.  Click the OK button again.  In the Save dialog click on the Save button.  This should result in an Excel document being created.  You should now be able to open the document in Excel and format the fields to your taste.


          I hope this helps.


          -Jeff Canepa

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            Blueberry Level 1

            Thank you very much, Jeff. It actually opened up and the excel document came up as one page instead of two and I could adjust the Excel sheet. This was not working before.

            Here are some things happening which are confusing to me when I try it the next times.. I probably am saving the files incorrectly. What am I doing wrong?

            I click on the Response Sheet in Forms Central  Save as Excel.

            Save Responses Box opens:  says: File type: microsoft excel (.xls) in drop down box.

            Then the words converting appear.

            Then Save Responses Box opens:  says:  file type:  Microsoft Excel (.xls) greyed out so nothing to click there.

            Then it says:  click ok to save the .xls file.  When you open the file in Excel, you may see a warning that the format does not match the file extension. Click yes to open the file. Then save the file in Excel Workbook format .xls to avoid this in the future.

            So, I click "ok".

            No box comes up where I can click a "yes" as it says I should do above.

            "My Documents" folder opens up, and I rename the file to "Registration 25" so I can find it, and the drop down box for "save as type" has nothing to drop down, and won't let me type anything in it.

            So, I save the file by clicking the little "save" box in the lower right hand corner which I do for all my files.

            Then box opens:  Your file "Registration 25" was saved without the proper .xls extension and may not open.  Please rename the file where you saved it and add the extension.

            I clicked "close"

            Then I opened Excel and could not find the file.  i then searched my Word document files and there it was, so I renamed it "Registration 25.xls" and closed Word and reopened Excel and I could find it and open it.


            Why do I have to do all these steps?  Why did it not save in the Excel format?

            Excel 2007 is what I have.  Please help, as I am doing two events same weekend, with about 150 people each, one event with many options and an overnight, and need to print out all these details quickly.



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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



              What you are seeing is an issue with Flash Player where, on some OS/browser combinations, when you modify the filename the file is saved without an extension (.xls), which is why you get the warning that you do.  When you "search" for this file from Excel it won't see it since, without the extension it is not seen as an Excel file.


              The way to "fix" this is to open the file browser on your computer and locate the file you saved, change the name and add ".xls" (you will probably get a warning about changing the file type which you can ignore).  After you append the file with the extension it will open in Excel and Excel will be able to locate the file if you try to search from there.


              I hope that clarifies this for you...




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                Blueberry Level 1


                Thanks, Josh, very much.

                May I ask another question, please?

                You say to open file browser on your computer and locate the file you saved.

                Not to sound so simple, but I am not familiar with the term file browser. 

                I know what browser means, but not file browser.

                I think it means, go to my start button, click it,  and there is a blank box where it says "search for files and programs."

                So, I think i type the name of the file there, and then it pops up above, and then I click on that

                and rename it adding   .xls  to the name.   Is this correct?


                Sometimes it's the little things that help the most...Thanks.


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                  Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                  File browser is too generic a term...  What I mean is the way you navigate files on your computer, on a Windows computer it is "File Explorer" and on Mac it is "Finder". 


                  Yes, the way you describe is a good method. Any way that you know to locate a file on your computer, opening File Explorer or Finder, or using "Search" will work.




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                    Blueberry Level 1

                    Josh and Jeff

                    Many, many thanks!  Things will go so much quicker now! I am very grateful for the replies.