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    AE CS6 RAM Render to Scratch ssd writes way too slow

    James LaRose

      Hello folks,


      I've been at this for the last 4 days - all day, every day. 


      I searched the trenches of the internets (and came back, hollowed eyed) in order to find a solution, but to no avail


      The thing is that I recently bought a new pc workstation w/ the following specs:


      32 Bg Gigabyte Motherboard - Intel i7 hexacore 4930K 3,4GHz w/ hyperthr. (12Mb Cache)

      NVidia GTX-780

      2 x Kingston HyperX 3K SSD 120GB - raid for OS and apps

      1 x Kingston HyperX 3K SSD 120GB - as AE's dedicated Scratch disk

      1 x Western Digital WD20EZRX 2 TB - as storage

      Windows 8 / AE CS6



      - Adaptive Resolution Limit: 1/8 (Ray-tracing on CPU since my GTX-780 isn't in the list)

      Viewer Quality: Zoom Quality: Faster

      Color Mgmt Quality: More Accurate Except RAM Preview

      Alternate RAM Preview: Preview: 5 frames



      Media & Disk Cache:

      - Disk Cache enabled (max. Disk Cache Size: 100 Gb) - set on AE's dedicated Scratch disk

      - Conformed Media Cache: Database & Cache - also set on AE's dedicated Scratch disk


      Memory & Multiprocessing

      - Installed RAM: 31,0 Gb

      - RAM reserved for other applications: 15Gb (I'm also using Maxon C4d)

      - After Effects Multiprocessing's Render Multiple Frames Simulteneously: enabled

      - Installed CPU's: 12

      - CPUs reserved for other apps: 6

      - RAM allocation per background CPU: 3 Gb

      - Actual CPUs that will be used: 4


      My problem now is that my RAM previews (w/ and w/o Shift) are pretty darn slow, regarding the fact that I'm working on a really basic scene now in 3D space (Classic Render), involving 1 layer w/ the Stroke effect, VCP's Sure Target 2 cam set up and 2 small precomps w/ a small folding contentframe.


      To RAM preview a 5 sec take, it takes almost 10 sec to build up this little scene. When I look at the processes in my task manager, I see that as soon as I RAM preview to my Scratch disk, the writing speed is a very dissapointing 3,4 Mb/s. I take it that this is an AE issue, since writingspeed to my Scratch SSD is checked and confirmed 180Gb/s +.


      Does anyone here perhaps has a pointer in the right direction? I want to sleep again


      Many thanks in advance, appreciate the help!