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    Is MS Word required to use RoboHelp?

    syncrasy Level 1
      During the process of installing RoboHelp X5 Office in Win XP (on a Macintosh running Virtual PC), the installation wizard asked me which version of MS Word I have. I don't have MS Word/Office (at least not on my Windows Virtual PC; I do have it on my Mac). My questions...

      1. Is Word required to use RoboHelp Office?
      2. Does the answer depend on what my intended output is? (I'm not entirely certain, but I believe I will be creating only HTML-based help files that will be accessed through Internet Explorer, or a program running through Explorer).
      3. If I do need Word installed, which version of MS Office/Word should I get? XP or 2003? (I assume RoboHelp requires that Word be on the same operating system, i.e., that my Macintosh version of Word would not be of any use. But I could be wrong.)

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi syncrasy

          I don't believe Word is an issue if you have no plans on using it. Here's the thing. RoboHelp Office comes in two basic RoboFlavors. RoboHelp for Word, where Microsoft Word is used as your primary editor, and RoboHelp HTML, where you have the choice of which editor to use (Dreamweaver (if installed) FrontPage (if installed) or even the WYSIWYG editor RoboHelp HTML provides). In this case, Word is only needed if you plan on importing Word documents. You may want to refer to fellow Adobe Community Expert Peter Grainge's site for more information. Click here to visit Peter's site

          Cheers... Rick :)
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            syncrasy Level 1
            Hi Rick,

            Thanks for the answer. (I suppose I could have read the manual first... ) Now I just need to figure out if I want to use RH's built-in HTML editor or my Dreamweaver MX 2004.