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    Flex 2 Deletes Everything in Vicinity of Project


      I lost the contents of my desktop the first time this happened, and ALL my flex projects the second time it happened.

      When you answer yes to the delete the source of a project, it wipes out everything in that directory. if the directory was your desktop you are hosed. If the directory was your Flex directory you are hosed.

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          ntsiii Level 3
          Thats not a bug, that is a very bad way to organize your source code. What were you thinking?
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            Gregory Lafrance Level 6
            I got hit by this as well. Its not a bug, but it sure would be nice to get an additional warning if more than the current project will get deleted. I lost a lot of stuff I did not want to have to recreate as well. I learned my lesson, but like I said, I wish FB could protect against this problem.
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              Garyl Woolworth
              I had this same thing happen to me. Actually the first time I opened flex this happened to me. I created a new project and was following a tutorial and didn't realize / know that it had put my files in the webroot of my localhost instead of the folder I thought I had told it to put it in. Well sure enough about 3/4 of the way through the tutorial I decided I was going to start over again but follow a different tutorial so I deleted the project and thought oh cool it'll get rid of itself so I don't have to... Only to behold my entire webroot directory was gone with it. So in reply to your comment ntsiii even if you have organized code and just make a simple mistake this is still a pretty crucial thing to address... Considering I lost about 2 years of work with the touching of 3 clicks on the mouse.