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    Customizing Microsoft HTML Help in FrameMaker 12?


      My company is currently using FrameMaker 11 with WebWorks ePublisher 2013.2 to generate context-sensitive Microsoft HTML Help (CHM). ePublisher makes it very easy to customize the global appearance of each page. For example, we have a product banner in the header, and company logo, copyright notice and contact info in the footer. We also have external resource files that contain context-sensitive help IDs (in combination with Topic Alias markers in the FM source files).


      We are evaluating the FrameMaker 12 trial to see if it can replace FM11+ePublisher.


      Although we are able to generate a CHM successfully in FM12, the customization options appear to be very limited, and it is not clear how to generate context-sensitive help.


      Is it possible to customize the Microsoft HTML Help template/layout/theme? FM12 provides many options for the Responsive HTML5 format, but not Microsoft HTML Help. I don't mind modifying template files outside of FM12, if necessary, but I need someone to point me in the right direction.


      Can FM12 publish context-sensitive Microsoft HTML Help? If so, where do I place the external files that contain the help IDs?


      Any help is greatly appreciated. We need to make a decision real soon about whether to stick with FM11+ePublisher or upgrade to FM12.