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    Robohelp 10 - Javahelp aborts while generating


      I just upgraded a project from Robohelp 7 to Robohelp 10, both HTML. This project works with two different outputs: Microsoft HTML Help and JavaHelp. I was able to successfully generate the HTML Help output without issue, however, the JavaHelp consistently aborts at the same point in the generation process each time. Once it reaches the point where it indicates that it is "Generating JavaHelp system," it gets through all of the topics, the TOC, and then Robohelp aborts when the Output View indicates that it is Processing the Index. If it is relevant, the Robohelp 7 version of this project was maintained from a virtual machine, and the JavaHelp output was done to a local folder on that machine before being checked into Source Control. The Robohelp 10 version is now on my local machine, so we had to setup the appropriate location to set the output to a local folder on my machine. We were able to successfully do this, but now the generate function will not complete. All source files are maintained in a network folder, and the HTML help has its output in that network folder. Only the JavaHelp output is local, but I never had an issue with it when it had a local output on the aforementioned virtual machine. If any other setup/configuration information is necessary, please let me know.javahelp.png