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    Premiere Elements 11 says display drivers are incompatible


      When I start Premiere Elements 11 there is an error message saying:


      "We have detected an incompatible display driver. To get a better and faster playback performance, please update your display driver.  Display driver details: NVIDIA Corporation - GeForce GTX 550 Ti/PCIe/SSE2 4.4.0"


      And when I click Ok the program continues to load but then the computer freeze and a hard reboot must be done.


      I have the latest display drivers and had not updated anyting between the last time Premiere worked and the first time it did this.


      I found some solution saying to delete a file called "Baddriver.txt" but the file is no where to be found.


      I have uninstalled the display drivers and installed the latest one again, I have also uninstalled and installed Premiere again. I cant update Premiere since it freezes the computer and I can do anything in it.