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      I have followed the tutorial through to the penultimate stage but cannot get the text tool to work. It shows that I have created a new layer and that there is a text but it does not appear on the photograph.  When I click on the screen to start typing nothing is visible. Any thoughts?

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          ranielse Adobe Employee


          We see this problem once in a while. Please check the resolution (Image > Image Size, Resolution). When I downloaded this image, mine was set to 240. It should be at least 72. (The odd thing here is that you would have downloaded our sample image, so I don't know why it comes in differently for different people.)


          I did some searching on this and many of the people who reported the "tiny text" problem ended up having the resolution set too low.


          For additional solutions to this issue, see this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5636876#5636876



          Randy Nielsen

          Learning Content Manager, Creative Cloud Learning


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            JBD24 Level 1

            Thanks Randy for taking the time. I have also read the thread. Resolution does seem to be the problem. When I checked, my image size was more than 20 sq metres and the resolution figure was 7. something. It wasn't immediately clear how to change this to your 72 figure but I got there by re sizing to approx 1000 x 700 pixels. It didnt work at first until I double checked the point size of the typeface which had reduced to 2. something points. Once I changed this back to 36 point the title became visible. As you say all this is a bit odd since I  ( and I assume others who have had problems) have downloaded the image you provided. I had a similar issue with the Logo which  also first appeared very tiny.  The other comment I would have is that the tutor talks very quickly at this stage and it is quite difficult to keep pace with him. In fact in general the tutorials would be better if the pace was a little slower. I found -as an absolute beginer - that I was constantly toggling back and forth from tutorial to image and winding back to rehear the lesson. But thanks for prompt and helpful response. If only Apple did the same.