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    Premiere Conform Tools and Plugins

    michaelmcreynolds Level 1

      Hey everybody,

      I am trying to develop some tools for professionals that use Premiere. Such things as "export to Nuke" and "check for new versions". Stuff that Hiero and other conform tools have natively, but Premiere is sadly lacking. I am curious from the community as to what you would find most useful in a set of managerial plugins and scripts. Any thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated!


      Here are some of the thoughts I have so far.

      Right click on a clip and say "export to nuke" which will write a nuke script with a read node reading the footage at the appropriate frame range.

      A script that reviews all the effects in the sequence and will let you know which effects aren't translatable to Resolve so you can bake them.

      Some sort of bake tool that can render certain clips on the timeline and replace them with the rendered versions for export to Resolve.

      Some sort of VFX tracking system that can search the directory that the current clip is in to see if there is a higher version.

      A Script that compares the edit points in 2 sequences to see if the edits are at the same point.

      Right click a clip or several clips and say "set in and out points" to quickly render individual clips for effects.

      And, if it's possible, and I don't know that it is, but a "replace with after effects composition" undo which is mandatory and I can't believe it's not there.


      Also, if you have any skills in developing plugins, I'm very interested in working with you to help develop since I am kinda a noobie with plugin development.