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    Scripting and automation advice - Batch processing and final naming


      Right now I am using actions to automate the creation of some 3d mockups. The actions work well, but there seem to be some limitations I can't get around and I assume the scripting is what I need to implement next.



      Here is my basic flow:


      Artwork created > saved to Dropbox folder


      Another Mac watches that folder > Automator script runs > opens image with PS droplet >


      Runs one action to open and process two different 3d mockups


      Saves final mockup images to new folder in Dropbox



      This actually works quite well, but for a couple things:


      1. I can only drop one image file at a time. More than that and first runs, rest get ignored.
      2. When saving the final mockup images, the name of the file is always the name of the mockup PSD and overwrites each time.


      I would like to be able to drop as many source image files into that Dropbox folder and have automation go through each and every file. I would also like each final 3d mockup image to be saved with the original filename of the source file image.


      Do I need scripting for this?


      If it matters I am using Photoshop CS5 on Mac OSX 10.9.1. I don't have any javascript experience to speak of, but can generally figure things out with a little hand holding. I can also share my PS Action if that helps.


      Thank you!


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