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    Color Management - Canon Photoshop Print Plug-in (Lr CC + Ps CC )


      I take pictures in Adobe Lightroom CC and will print them from within Photoshop CC.

      (Lightroom is THE professional tool to manage photos)


      I need to print from within Photoshop because - beside image wrapping tools - the Canon Photoshop Print Plug-in is the only way to take advantage of the 16 bit color processing of that printer. (So, I cannot simply use the printer driver)


      The Canon Photoshop Print Plug-in can automatically detect the color space of Adobe RGB or sRGB. (according to documentation)


      My main concern is to be able to get the full potential of the printer I purchased and paid for (Canon PF8400).



      The answers being at either Canon or Adobe, or a mix of both, in both cases, these are questions that only people "in the know"

      know the answer, and maybe one need to escalate the question up to the software engineers.


      In order to keep the best image quality, it is suggested to transfer images from Lightroom to Photoshop in ProPhotoRGB colorspace. Once in Photoshop, I suppose it is converted in some working colorspace, here, ProPhotoRGB, or stripped down to a smaller gamut colorspace.


      Question 0) This printer has these colors: 2C2MYK+RGB+matte black+2grays

      What colorspace do we need in order to take advantage and manage that?


      Question 1) From the working colorspace (ProPhotoRGB), can the Print Plug-in receive images automatically translated to Adobe RGB (if the printer cannot take more) or we need to work in Adobe RGB?


      Question 2) In the canon Print Plug-in, we can select a printer-media color profile for a specific media. This profile seems generated by the embedded calibration device and managed at printer level.


      Does it translate colors FROM a specific colorspace in the Photoshop environment (Namely Adobe RGB or sRGB) or we can expect that it can also translate from ProPhotoRGB?


      Question 3) In regards to the whole case and the Q/A , what would be the best workflow?


      Question 4) I suppose, the printer plug-in forwards to Photoshop the intended profile according to media selection, and then we can see what colors will be out of gamut (with histogram or other ways) (please confirm that Photoshop is receiving the printer profile), so how can we manage a 12 colors printer gamut?

      Unless, the real way it goes, would be that Photoshop only sends colors related to a colorspace such as Adobe RGB and the printer takes care of selecting an equivalent in the printer's actual profile, so, in Photoshop, we would be limited to the working gamut in order to see if we are getting out of gamut.


      So, what is the way of conduct of the plug-in in regards to these 2 options?